Monday, January 25, 2010

The Brilliance of a Child's Mind vs. The Adult Mind

*The Brilliance of a Child's Mind vs. The Adult Mind*
As a parent I try to teach my daughter as much as possible, educate her while letting her become her own. During these times it is so refreshing to know that my daughter teaches me as well.
Last night I was laying in bed with my daughter watching tv. Throughout her life she has lived with many animals, has many books about them , visited zoos and so on. I feel it is very important to show her that all living things no matter how big or how small should be treated with the respect that they deserve. Last night I was shown that in our minds at the purest stages we already know these things.
A commercial on tv that breaks my heart every time I see it happened to come on. It is a Humane Society "a nonprofit organization for the welfare of animals" commerical. Even though my daughter is only 3, I try to be very honest with her how things are when she asks. Some people may feel that this is not such a good thing, but sometimes the school of hard knocks teach us everything we need to know to surrvive. My daughter asked me what is wrong with these hurt animals and why do they have boo boos. I told her that sometimes there are some mean people that do bad things to animals when they shouldn't do those things. Her response was "bad people, I whip there butts, bad bad bad, mommy they are so mean, the animals need bandaids, need to go to the doctor, mommy let's help dem". I realized at that moment how my toddler daughter knows the right thing more than most adults do. In the purest stage of our brain development, we know most right from wrongs. Somewhere in between those stages and adulthood our brain turns corrupt. Society, media, pollution to our ears. What changes these ideas, these things we know to be true? I know that I am not perfect, not at all. But I cannot fathom the hatered some of humanity display. Why does this happen? Why do some people find humor in hatred? Why do some people feel need to hurt, to cause pain, to cause death? Why is a 3 year old more likely to know the right thing than most adults? Oh, how I wish everyone could take a moment to learn from a child, to go back and learn simple pure ways of living, to do the right things. The world would be so much better if the worse things we could do is squish Speghetti O's between our fingers.

P.S. To help what we can my daughter and I pledge to contribute to this cause. When I reopen my shop a portion of my profits will go to the Humane Society or the ASPCA. I hope others can find it in their hearts to help causes they feel strongly about. Whether it be contributing money, your time, so on. Maybe we can all put a small bandaid on issues that matter to us.

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