Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Music & Leather

Growing up....I remember as a child laying in bed and hearing my mom's music blaring. A true blood hippie who was too young at the time to attend Woodstock but somewhere in her heart it lived. Tree hugging, peace keeper, and a bit of a rock n roll rebel soul. Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Beatles, and so on... I think at the time of fourth grade I knew all of the lyrics. Then came the teenage years, the oh so crazy teenage years. The years where that music had grown in my heart as well. Years were rebel was pretty much my middle name. Even though I was quite the rebel, I always stood strong in what I bebelive and living life in peace and equality. I remember goin to Myrtle Beach when I was around 14. Taken with me was an old school Walkman cassette player, something one day my daughter will see to be an antique! But in the Walkman lived a cassette that would never die to me. My first taste of Shannon Hoon. I was in love, his voice, his band, the array of instruments, the grassroots music, and jam band feeling. Being that 14 year old rebel that I was, and well just those crazy teenage years, I was emotional and music was my outlet. Still is. Now I'm twice the age of 14 and still loving my Blind Melon. It is something much different to me know but still the same as well (does that make sense) In 1995 Shannon died of a cocaine overdose. My mom was a great mom but had NO idea of the crazy things I was doing those years. Unfortunately I was a great liar back then. But as years went by Shannon's death helped me through things I was doing and going through. Helped me realize life is much shorter than we sometimes realize and at any moment it can be taken from you. I knew that I didn't want it taken away over something ridiculous. I look back now and remember all of the times I lay in bed and seriously thought, "Oh my god, I'm going to die tonight". My heart pounding out of my chest, thoughts racing, shivering, sweating... Ugh... drugs are awful. I regret those days very much but lessons are learned and wth each negative lesson learned a stronger part of you grows from that.
A few years back I had learned of a vigil that still goes on to this day for Shannon. It is in his hometown, in Indiana. I live in Ohio so I think it's about a 4 hour drive. Very easy for me to do. I met a few friends online who go so I thought I'd make the trip. It wasn't at all what I thought it would be. It was a celebration. Bonfires, drum circles, acoustic guitars & beautiful voices all around me, free spirits running around. A place that felt so peaceful. I met Nel, Shannon's mom that weekend. An AMAZING free spirited, heart warming lady. I now consider us as friends, Mama Nel. She is one of those peole you meet and love instantly. I met alot of people there. Every year now I go back. Freindships build, camp out with Nel and listen to her hilarious stories. I also met one of who I consider to be my closet friends, Sky.

But with those experiences it became even more to me.
Oh god this is long, sorry :) But, Shannon was photograhped wearing a Navajo Naja Sterling necklace many times. I feel in love with it, and everytime I see Nel she is wearing it, and the silverwork is amazing.. ah casting... But I felt like I wanted something as a tribute, someting that represented these memories in my heart. And, I got that. I beautiful soul of a gal at www.sunnyrisingleather.etsy.com created the piece for me. When it arrived it blew me away. She has a metal shop as well and her pieces are to die for, the pieces I own, I adore :) Thank you Allison♥

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