Tuesday, January 26, 2010

♥A Not So Secret & Something Cherished♥

*Not So Secret*
Something that I have been told numberous times in my life, and in certain time periods I always resented to hear was that I am "trendy". As we grow older I think we learn and realize the truths about us that we always didn't want to hear. I think I hated that label because I always was the "different" girl. Now that I think of it, I think "different" because of the location I am from and live. I admit that I am very different from my friends. We share common interests and ideas, but I am quite different. I have always been a dreamer and imagined a future somewhere else. Somewhere where a home is and different lands to explore. Somewhere where I feel my difference lies in others hearts and cultures. Somewhere to live my dreams and explore beyond those dreams. "When you stop dreamin' it's time to die" Maybe I am trendy. Well, damnit I am. I always loved fashion. Fashion in a sense of expression. From body art to the clothing I wear and the acessories I adorn myself with. Something to laugh at I know. Something I enjoy so much, that I usually live beyond my means. But it seems I always find a way for it to work. I did this magazine quiz the other day, well my mom did. It stated traits about someone and labeled them by those traits. My label came out as "Artsy Trendy". Even with decorating I am stupid with it, lol. Anthropologie stole my heart, I'm all about boho, vintage, artsy, hippie. If you know me, you know that this is so true. Just thought you'd like to know ;)

*Something Cherished*
I think it's funny how I surround myself with all of these "things". But somethings cherished maybe not such the fashionable to the eye. I recently asked my grandma for this blanket that I remember from way back when. This fadded, almost ragged quilt. Grass greens, sunshine yellow, sky blues, firey reds. Not so cute, but so very heart warming. So very safe. Something that when I am alone in the night I can snuggle up to with my thoughts and silence. I think this blanket is so old, that it holds the scent of some of my past memories. Some favorite ones. I can close my eyes and it all hits me. I close my eyes and I am young at mamaws house, spending the weekend there. Sleeping in her room, her so, so soft bed. Blanket smells like mamaw. Papaw still alive, sitting in the family room watching wrestling waiting for me to come in and sit on his lap on the recliner and watch Flin' Brian! My mamaw in the kitchen making a fabulous country breakfast. The sweet smell of summer blowing in the french doors. Ahhh, papaw just finished cutting the grass. And as I walk in the kitchen the faint smell of gasoline drifts in the screen door of the dining room and garage, where the lawnmower sits. Breakfast is soon finished and I sneak off to watch MTV, when MTV was actually cool, old school ;) Travel outside to explore and sneak into the woods... Then the day passes and I am back in mamaws bed with my blanket that smells like mamaw. It's so funny how little things like that impact your life. Moments cherished I think become traits we display in the current lives we live. Sometimes not noticing that we still can take for granted the small things. It's really the small things that matter. I imagine when we all die, our passing moments into another possible realm, we will not consider our material possesions, or wealth, our fashion statements, our dumb little things that fill our space we call home. It will be the memories in our homes, our loved ones, our closest friends, the small things like blankets that smell like mamaw, riding mower rides with papaw, animals who turn into family members that stole our hearts, a mothers love and friendship, our shildren's innocence and laughter. The small things that are oh so big. We need to enjoy these things more often than we probably do. After all our visit to this world is short stayed. Simplicity is beauty...

In other words, I have an extreme case of Spring fever today. I'm awaiting very umm... not so patiently for warm weather to arrive. Fresh cut grass between my toes and sunshine beaming down while playing in the dirt♥ I was browsing through some pics from last Spring/Summer. Thought I'd share a few...

♥Me & My lil' Angel♥

♥Our first try at a square foot garden♥

♥Fresh Strawberries♥

♥Garden Zen♥

♥Fresh Blooms♥

♥A garden stone that I made for my mom♥

♥This is little Zoë Moon sitting beneath our rose bush♥


  1. Zoe Moon is beyond precious!!!!
    Indeed I think when we pass on to the next place we'll only carry our love and our growth with us: everything else: ambition, career, competition and money will fall away.
    How wonderful!


  2. What a little cutie pie Zoe Moon is...love that picture sitting under the bush...sweet!

  3. Aw, Thank you ladies. Yep, Zoë stole my heart from the first day I met her♥