Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hey!!! Welcome to my blog following pieces of my everyday life and updates of my etsy shop, Willow Metals. Some of you may have been directed here from my old blog and my previous etsy shop, NewMoon Silversmith Creations. With a new year beginning a fresh start comes along with it for me.
The name Willow Metals came to me with the inspiration of this beautiful Willow tree that grows right outside of my studio. I love adventuring out to the tree while taking mini breaks from working in the stuido. A time to refresh and start on what's next.
My new shop will be opening in the early spring. This gives me plenty of time to plan out new ideas and work on new pieces. With new tools and supplies coming in, I cannot wait to get back to work!!! My jewelry is constructed with thick recycled sterling silver that creates strong heirloom pieces while appealing to the eye. I work with mostly natural stones of a large variety. Be prepared to see many agate pieces as this has become one of my favorite forms of stone. When stones are other than natural I will post this in my listing details. This will happen very seldom as I am a nature loving natural gal ;) All of my packaging is eco friendly and gift boxed that is great for gift giving. If interested check out my shop policies at my etsy store to get an idea of how I work. I also have had in mind to offer a group of stones on my blog that I will be working with that week. So if you ever see one that you have to have, I will be more than happy to create something special just for you! Custom orders are always a joy!!!
Aside from my etsy shop, I will be sharing with you parts of my everyday life. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the fabulous! I hope that you follow me on this adventurous journey, my far away friends♥

I thought that I would also share some of my recent stone purchases to add to my ever growing collection, enjoy!

Click on the picture for better details on these beauties♥

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