Monday, February 15, 2010

Guess What????

Snow.... All day long. And it continues through the night... Living in Ohio, snow is nothing new. Our average February snowfall is around 5 inches. Alone today we beat a record of snowfall in accumulation ever, not only did we beat that record we also beat the total accumulation record for the entire month beating 1914's 21 inches. And..... it is only the middle of the month. Snow is in the forecast all week along with another storm approaching.... This my friends is why I CANNOT wait for the spring. My Honda does not like the snow, hmmmmmm.. or maybe it's the driver that cannot drive in the snow. Either way someone somewhere send me some sunshine.... I'll be positive though and enjoy this as much as possible. It is quite beautiful. Well, I'm off to a nice warm bubble bath. Snow shoveling is not friends with my back tonight ;)

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