Friday, February 19, 2010

Out Comes the Sun..

The sun was out today. I took a few moments to stand outside and be by myself for a moment. The sun was shining on my face, puddles were forming all over, and around me I could here.... drip, drip, drip. The snow is melting.
Snow is so beautiful. It has blanketed my world lately and left me snug and secure in my home... I find myself during the winter months planning. Planning many things. Planning events for when the warmth lingers in the air again. Daydreaming... dazing off to my garage door open, working in the studio. Zoë laughing in the background as she plays on her swing set that sits next to the Willow tree right out by the studio door. The sun shining down on us kissing lemon streaks in Zoë's hair. The heat warming the soil beneath our feet & bringing life to the threads of grass between our toes. Mother nature painting our flower beds with splashes of watercolor. The sunsets. The moments the sun sinks to another land and leaves the sky breathtaking. Painting the sky purple, pink, creamscicle orange..... Did I say creamscicle??? Now I hear the local ice cream truck... Oh, the sun can take me other places this time of year. It brings fever to my blood.. Spring fever... Speaking of colors a few moments ago... I thought I'd share with you a pic of some stones I have been collecting.... Many more up for safe keeping and on the way to my home :)

So, what is your favorite season? Hmmm.. or stone?


  1. What a little sweetie pie you have there! Oh and the stones are fab! I love Charoite (spelling?) as purple is my absolute fave colour! And my fave season is winter :)

  2. :) Thanks for the comment!! I love purple too, also my favorite. My little Zoë is pretty stuck on the purple too♥