Friday, February 26, 2010

A Peek at My Mess :)

Here are some peeks into my studio that I am still organizing. Believe it or not, it looks much better than it did!! I also have a pic of the first batch of stones that I will be working on. I drew up designs for most of the stones already so I have decided to wait until I get started on the silver to post my stones pic. Should be very soon. I was planning on opening late March - Early April but I think it may be much sooner. Which is awesome!!! This post is a short one. Our household includes a sick mama (my mom) and a crying toddler (fighting sleep).

~Weekend Plans Include; Organizing This and Hooking Up My Torch to My Tanks~

~I Was Cleaning Floor Up Style, So My Bench Top is a Mess, A Hot Mess~

~My Very Small Tanks~

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