Wednesday, February 24, 2010

♥Puppy Love♥

Today Zoë's grandma, her dad's mom, came and got her for about four hours.... What did I do? Clean up and organize my studio A LOT!!! Yeah!!! It was nice to have some spare time to myself and start tackling everything. I have boxes of equipment and new supplies that I have been accumulating sitting out there that really needed my attention. With the winter, it's lovely freezing temperatures, & my free time to do these things only being nocturnal hours, it has been too cold. I WILL work something out for this little problem so it won't happen next winter. Anyway :) I replaced my dremel with a new foredom, I got that set up, set up my new torch, moved some things around and put "most" everything in it's place. Ahhhh, it feels good. I am SO ready to get started. I have been spending a huge part of my free time at night drawing up designs and dreaming about things to come.... soon. Spring is almost here♥ One major thing I need to do is purchase an acetylene & oxygen cylinder for my torch setup. Yea, when I said "set up my new torch", I meant took the beauty out of it's box, sat all the pieces out, admired it, and made a place for it's new home :) I am ready.... I think I have I had to wait too much longer, I would go crazy ;)

My grandma lives next door to me. She decided to get a new little dog. A Chihuahua. It's name is Dio. Zoë loves it.. And so do I. It is the sweetest little thing. If my kitty only knew we were going over there and giving the puppy lovins' he wouldn't be too happy ;) The name Dio is from the old 80's rock band. My grandma purchased it from a young guy who was super stoked to inform me of so, lol.

Well, I am off to bed, it has been a long day. Well, long month. I will go there in a new blog soon and save you from this month's misery as of now. Did I mention I've had a crazy month?!?! Oh well, better things to come♥

Oh, Oh, Oh, one more thing. One of my sweet long distance friends sent me & Zoë a Barnes and Nobles gift card!!! He is such a sweeetie!! Guess where I will be going in the near future???



  1. Oh Lucky you to have 4 hours to yourself!! It's nice to work at a clean and organised bench isn't it!

  2. Oh yes it is. And it only takes me about 5 minutes to unorganize it all, lol.