Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow, Bling, and......NIKON!!!!

Lookie who arrived to me... I CANNOT keep myself away from SunnyRising. I love her pieces as well as the creator herself!! This ring is amazing, I love her!! Along with a fancy schmancy new ring my camera also arrived. I picked the right one that works for me and I love it!! Now I patiently will await the next full moon to get some photos, until then snow is what I can get some good photos of. Currently AGAIN we are under ANOTHER Winter Storm Warning. We already have about a foot of snow on the ground and are now awaiting another 6 inches +. Okay, spring welcome home already! Snow is pretty but, enough is enough!! Hopefully soon the temperatures will go up just a wee bit. I really need to get out to the studio and get her cleaned up. It is a mess right now and driving me crazy. I'm getting anxious and excited to getting this shop reopening going.
Speaking of shop news I will still be stalking the mail lady. I ordered some stones awhile back and am awaiting there arrival home along with a new foredom. P.S. Besides peeking between the curtains out the window, I don't really stalk the mail lady, hee hee.
I wish all a good night as I am off to bed, the weather has gotten the best of me and I've got a pretty good cold going on, blah... xoxo

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