Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowed In...

Ha.. This is what happens when I get snowed in, silly webcam pictures :)
Wow!! You should see what I see. I look out the window and see snow... Lot's of snow. It just keeps coming down. We shovel our driveway then bam, more snow, another Winter Storm Warning runs across the screen. I think after tomorrow this might be the last of the falling white stuff for awhile. But freezing temperatures will be lingering for quite some time. Ah, good ol' Ohio. It can be sunny and warm then all of a sudden your hit with a foot of snow. Not good for spring fever, not at all. I think I've mentioned before that my studio is in my garage (outside). Outside where it is way too cold to work. Usually when I go out there to work, I'm out there for quite sometime. My work is always done when most people are probably sleeping. It seems that is when my creative energy runs wild, at night. It is also the only chance I get to work, to create, when Zoë is sleeping. Bless her little heart, but that is the only time, at least until she gets older. But until this cold subsides and the snow melts, my shop is on hold. I really need to figure out someway to prevent this from happening again. I have absolutely no other place for my studio though. I guess I can look at this whole thing as something to look very much forward to. I cannot wait for warm weather, to walk open armed and barefoot into my much loved work space. Browsing through stones, sketching on my paper, my hands trying to keep up with my brain, hammering... oh I can NOT wait!!!
I purchased a camera. I'm waiting very "patiently" for it to arrive. I wish I had it right now so I could post some pics of my backyard and all of this snow. I might try to get some pics anyway with my old compact digital and post them for you tonight.♥


  1. Sounds exactly like what I am seeing looking at the window...we have had more snow this year than in the 5 years I have been here. Even tho' I love snow, I am ready for spring. I work out in our shop which is cold but we have a wood stove that keeps it bearable otherwise I would never be out there.

  2. I would happily swap you some sun/heat for some snow/cold weather! I can't wait for the cold weather here! :)

  3. Hey SassyGlass, sounds like I need a nice wood stove, that would be so nice. Mys tep dad brought a heater to me but I was scared because of the torch?!?!?!

    Hi littlecherryhill, oh how I wish we could exchange. I love snow but I REALLY love warm weather and sunshine :) SO I'm wishing for you some snow and me some sunshine :)