Friday, March 5, 2010

Headed off to Hippie Town...xoxo

Last night, I worked and worked and worked. But it seems I didn't get anything actually finished!!! The bracelet is almost done, I still need to set the stone and some last minute details. I should have that finished tonight, take some pics in the daylight tomorrow, then list it in the shop :) Here's a sneak peek of the bracelet. I made handmade links and a handmade toggle. On one end of the bracelet, I added a double chain. I think I should have done more handmade links instead of the chain. My mom seems to like how the chain looks when being worn though. Here she is :) I hope you like so far♥

Well for the ring, I did not like how it turned out. It was just one of those nights when the flow wasn't there for the ring. Luckily I didn't set the stone so it is safe and sound. The ring wasn't damaged, I just wasn't happy with the design. It can be fixed and I will work on that tonight.

I did though get a few stud earrings finished and listed. I had them tumbling for quite some time. These are quite simple to make and are just cute and dainty. I like to wear them and change my colors often. I love them for spring, they're fun♥


~Lapis Lazuli~

~Nacozari Turquoise~

Today we are planning on going to Yellow Springs. It is an awesome little hippie, college town, a little north of here. I love it there. They have great hiking trails, Eco-Conscious shops, Boho shops, head shops, and yummy food!! They also have an awesome stone shop there, (Eeeekkk I have to stay away) Usually when we leave we like to stop at the Eastern Indian Restaurant before coming home ;) My favorite!!! Oh I can smell it now, and I like mine spicy. They let you choose from a 0-5 on a spicy level, I choose 4. I can't imagine what a 5 would be like, 4 makes my ears sweat!!! Zoë like the Vegetable Tempura!!! I will take my camera and try to get so pics, of Yellow Springs that is. Me eating Indian food might be quite embarrassing. I always overdue it there and never realize until the waiter arrives with my food, lol, Holly Molly is all of that mine....Minutes later, dumdumdumdumdum... gone. At this point misery sets in... ;)

~Chicken Curry, Basmati Rice, Nan Flat Bread (Try Paneer Bread if you get the chance, it is made with Indian homemade cheese)~ {Drool, belly growl, drool, belly growl, nibble on keyboard, droll} Okay, I'm better!!!

It is sunny here and I hope to celebrate that sunshine today!! I hope your Friday and weekend is beautiful, fun, and productive!!!


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