Monday, March 8, 2010

I Was a Bad Girl Today...

Me, my mom, and little Zoë Moon took a trip to Milford today. Their is this awesome little shop there called, "Enchanted Moments". We have been going there since Zoë was a wee little bald headed baby. Our first time there they had a fairy parade and we dressed Zoë up as a little fairy and pranced the town. To this day, Zoë loves that place. Today she looked like I let her loose in a candy store. Unfortunately, it is a gift shop with lots of breakables. Zoë didn't break anything, but was full of energy and made mommy's blood pressure rise ;) The owner loves her though, and let her pick out a stone and a purse to put it in. She picked out an Amethyst♥ Like mother like daughter the saying is right on.
Me being bad.... I should not have bought anything. We initially went because my mom wanted to go stone shopping. I have bills spilling out of my ears right now but I splurged was a bad girl and bought a Cherry Quartz Point. How could I not??? I also bought a small Chrysoprase polished stone. I suppose that wasn't that bad compared to how I usually am REAL BAD when I go there :) I will have to take a pic of my new stones tomorrow for you to see. That shop is awesome, the ladies are awesome, and so are their lovely stones. Now it's back to being good again, darn!!!!

I haven't been out to the garage today. the weather was great and we needed to get out for a little while. I also needed to give the house some attention, while things were piling up.... dishes, laundry, dust.... I sometimes feel overwhelmed when the first signs of spring hit. I get built up with so much energy and try to conquer everything at once. I am going to learn to slow down, enjoy, and still be able to get everything done that is on my mental list..... and quit adding so much to that list ;)

Hope everyone had a beautiful day.... P.S. I got some beautiful earring cabs that I cannot wait to start on♥ Ocean Jaspers and Agua Nuevas!!!


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  1. Lovely H,

    How exciting! Cannot wait to see the stones and what you'll do with them :)