Monday, March 1, 2010

In the Tumbler...

I am so excited!! I just came back in from my studio and have 2 things in the tumbler as I write this. Only two because it is colder than I thought it would get tonight, 28 degrees!!! I keep my garage door open while I am out there so the fumes can escape. Do to this all of that cold air from outside flows right in. But it felt great to get a couple of pieces finished up. 1 necklace and 1 ring. I like a very soft matte sheen on my jewelry so I throw them in the tumbler before my finishing to strengthen them. Sterling silver is made up of tiny crystals so the more of a beating they get, lol, like in the tumbler the stronger the metal becomes. This way they are super durable for the customer. It also seems to buff out scratches or rough spots they may have accumulated during the creation, if the pieces in the tumbler long enough. I think I am just going to keep them in the tumbler for a few hours tonight, then antique them to a gunmetal patina, brush them, the hand polish them, Viola!!! Finished!!! I can't wait to take some photos to share with you. I won't be listing them in my shop until I build up a pretty good inventory to list. That means I have a lot of work to do and some baring with this cold weather!

In other news, not too much here really. Hmm.. Which is actually quite news. I am expecting a package from the UPS guy tomorrow. It will be my Barnes and Nobles books I purchased with the gift card I got from a dear friend!!! A new stone book, 2 metalsmith books, and some fun books for Zoë. Aw, speaking of Zoë, she was a doll tonight. So loving and sweet. She told me that I was a precious mommy and that I was her best friend, and that she really, really, loves me. Those are the moments that make your heart sink.

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!! I will blog again soon♥


  1. Aww how beautiful she is to say something like that! What a gem she is!

    I keep the garage door open when I work too, it's great for getting a breeze and taking away the fumes. Glad you got some pieces done!

  2. I know, when things get bad Zoë always reminds me how lucky I truly am. She is the light of my life!!!