Wednesday, March 24, 2010


These are the stones that I have been working on today. The Lavender Chalcedony in this photo looks way more blue than in actual life. The stone is actually a true Lavender shade. The Agua Nueva though, dead on!!! Yummy!

These babies are next on the agenda. Check them out!!!

Today I walked around with the camera getting some photos of some new things popping up around here.

Then Zoë and I went stone hunting. She wants me to share what she collected today with you.

Then we made a bunny out of some goodies Zoë found on our journey.

We hope that you had an adventurous day too♥


  1. Love the sure know how to pick them...your daughters a cutie too..Delia

  2. Thanks Delia!! ANA is my favorite stone!!! Zoë likes the m too :)