Thursday, March 4, 2010

Last Night & To Come..

Last night was rough. It was too cold in my garage aka studio to work, but I did anyway. I can't stand it. I feel the need and want so bad that I go ahead and do it, then suffer for the rest of the night. O'well today I am pleased I did so. Being cold, twenty some degrees in there, I think every muscle in my body tensed up as I bent over and sawed metal. My back aches, my fault I need to learn quit bending over and find a new method!!! I really need to get some different saw blades, It took me forever for one piece!!! But..I am so thrilled with the outcome :) I used a stone that I adore so much. When it arrived, I screamed, a good one!! Oh how I love my post woman!! When I first seen this stone it brought me back to my childhood. I lived near this airport that sits next to the levy of the Miami River. I loved watching the planes fly in and out of the airport. During the heat of the summer, driving by, I remember the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The ones that are so colorful, they seem another world. Purple skies with golden rods striking through while the sun sets on the horizon. Even red hues as the sun whispers it's goodnights. How I love those memories. Thinking about it I can even smell the air. That clean, next to the country living air. That summer smell that gets captured in your memories♥ Here she is Midwest Sunset!

Tonight I am anxious to get started. I am going to work on a bracelet, this will be my first attempt at doing so. I want it very simple and double chained. I'm going to use TeePee Canyon Agate in the Setting. I also plan on making a ring with a Gem Silica stone I have that is so yummy, I want to eat it. I remember years ago working at a country club, we had huge events and I made Mint Julep after Mint Julep, forever. The alcohol in them and the simple syrup turned opaque and the fresh mint leaves were the most amazing green. The local farm that they bought them from had luscious herbs!! This stone reminds me of staring down dreaming in the Mint Juleps.


  1. That is a beautiful necklace! Bravo! I see your etsy store is starting to fill up with beautiful pieces as well. Spring and warmer weather cannot arrive too soon to warm your "studio" and I can see why you can't wait any longer!

  2. Welsh Wytch...Thank you so much. I can't wait to get some more items in my shop, and yes warm weather cannot arrive too soon. Gardening is calling me too :)

  3. do you have an email?



  4. Love your necklace and stones! Look forward to seeing the bracelet you create :)