Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Life... Gardening Take 1....

The past two days I have been getting our yard ready for spring. Raking the left over leaves, picking up sticks and trash that has blown to us, cut back overgrown herbs (Lavender, Thyme, Russian Sage, etc.), transferred old plants to new locations, deadheaded old plants, and pruned our Rose bushes. Under the dead leaves I found many secrets that I did not know were here yet... New life, plants with their fresh green foliage, lady bugs♥, and bees♥!!! Yes!!!! Spring is here.. well almost. We started the day with going to the local garden center, Bern's. I adore that place. And with Spring fever, it is even better!! My mom bought some nice plants for the porch and I got some indoor plants for my widow.
Zoë went to her grandmas house today, that is when I was able to get today's yard work in. I also set her up a recycled glass fish bowl with bamboo plants and a peacock colored Beta. She was thrilled when she came home.
Now it is time to head out to the garage and try to get some things finished that I already have started out there. Wish me luck!! I forgot how rough yard work is and it has really kicked my butt!! Man, I'm only 28 and out of shape. This spring and summer will be good for me.
Have a Beautiful Night!

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