Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Out of the Tumbler, Finished, & In the Shop!!!

Well my 2 pieces are are all finished!!! I decided to go ahead and list things as they are done and put them in the shop. The weather looks pretty good here this week so hopefully I can create a flow and get a nice inventory going ;)
These two pieces were inspired by a dear friend of mine, Sky. His boss is a Silversmith and he took him to his studio and was showing him some of his stones. Sky wrote me that night telling me how much he loved opals and how the seem like magic. He has such a beautiful soul and is a wonderful friend. I purchased this stone thinking of him and how he feels it is magic. The star was added to the mix of magic and because my dear friend is a star in my eyes. I think he is quite right about Opals. The guitar pic necklace was inspired by my friend as well. I have always wanted to make one but never attempted it until now. Sky is a musician with an amazing voice. He loves art in many forms. His house is adorned in many beautiful paintings. His music is his art. I met him in Indiana at the Shannon Hoon vigil. That whole thing is an experience. If you read this Sky, thanks for being such a great friend!!
These are my new two pieces!! More coming soon♥

♥BELIEVE Mexican Fire Opal Ring♥

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