Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Studio Time

I deleted my last blog because I was in such a hurry to type it. So... here is an updated version :)

I got quite a few pieces finished today. Earlier I created a bracelet with an Azurite Chrysocolla stone that is dainty but works nice with a silver chunky chain (handmade!!!), Ocean Jasper dangle earrings that are outrageous (I might keep these for me?), and an Amethyst Cluster ring accented with silver roses and a 4mm Pink Sapphire. The ring was just an experiment really. Earlier I wrote about my mom and I (Zoë too) going to our local garden center the other day. They have so many lovely arrangements of flowers it is mind blowing. Purple is one of my favorite colors and the purple petunias that they have in some of there hanging baskets arrangements are breathtaking. I guess sometimes I'm feminine and sometimes not really. Same can go for this ring really. The purple Amethyst and Pink Sapphire ring was created with the garden center in mind and how I am so ready for Spring, ready to get my hands dirty, ready to watch new life bloom before my eyes. I'm not sure if I am going to post it in the shop or not. It was just an experiment, something fun. In my previous shop I made & sold prong setting earrings, a few necklaces, but not many rings really. I said none in my last post but I forgot about a few simple small 5mm prong settings for rings. So what I really meant, ring wise, I have never done a free form prong setting. I have always wanted to but backed off because I was afraid!!!!! I did it with necklace why not a ring?!?!?! So today, yippppeeee, I made one. I love it so far. I still have it in the tumbler to strengthen the prongs and I will see how durable it is. So, I will see tomorrow as far as the ring goes. The bracelet and (maybe) earrings will be posted in the shop tomorrow.
After Zoë came home from her grandmas house and then later went to bed, I went back out to the garage and finished some simple earrings up and went crazy with prongs!!! Well, not really, but I made 2 dainty, small, feminine spring rings with prong settings. One floral patterned band with a 14kt. gold pebble sitting atop a sterling disc that also holds a 5mm faceted Alexandrite prong style :) The other ring is a thinner band with ocean waves (my version) stamped onto the band with a centered 5mm faceted Perdiot prong style :) I also finished some made to order stud earrings so I can take some better pics tomorrow and I think I will just change the made to order to ready to ship. I feel natural stones have natural variations so it is better to see what pair you are truly going to get. The are all very close with slight differences. I also finished a new pair of earrings up the are also.... SPRING inspired. Am I ready for Spring or what?!?!?!?! I know, I know, that is all I talk about :)
So, everything is in the tumbler, I will polish them tomorrow, get some pics, and more than likely post them tomorrow evening. As long as everything goes as planned. For the near future, I have a small Boulder Opal on my bench and a partly finished setting for it. This piece too will be a bracelet. I am on bracelet kick.
I have a few more things I need to do then off to bed. It is 12:50 Am!!!

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