Saturday, April 3, 2010

2 Necklaces and a 3 Year Old Booger....

These two necklaces are now listed in the shop. believe it or not, it took me all day to just list these two things?!?!?! yep, that's the kind of day I've had. It's amazing how small three year old's are and in that small little package is bursts of energy, curiosity, and boogeriness (my made up word ;) ) I love her bunches though, even when she is boogery ;)
Pretty soon it will be bedtime for Zoë, if I have any energy left I plan to make a few more pieces tonight. I finished a cute pair of earrings along with the necklaces. The are dangle earrings and have chain connected to them. I learned last night, to NEVER put more than one chained item in the tumbler. The cute earrings are now a ball tangled mess ;/ Live and learn..... Live and learn....
I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend♥

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