Wednesday, April 21, 2010


If anyone has been wondering what the heck has been going on with my shop lately, I'm here to answer that question :) I have almost finished up all local custom orders and have been doing some things around here that needed attended to.
Any day now I should be receiving a parcel of stones that I had placed an order for.... drum roll please.....
Rubies, Prehnite, African Amethyst, Sunstone (gorgeous and genuine), Faceted Moss Agate, and some other yummies. You know me, I'll be posting plenty of Agua Nuevas as well, I can never get enough of them. I know soon I will have to order more silver. These custom orders are clearing me out (I'm not complaining) but I will need to place an order to update the shop.
I have been (ridiculously) reducing items in the shop to clear it out so I will have all new items to replenish my shop with. This is a BAD habit of mine. I need to stop doing that. I hurt myself by doing that. I put a lot of money and time into my pieces and reduce the prices like I have not. I love to offer good deals and promote my shop. I always have felt this would help. But the business woman in me needs to realize, "Hey Heather, You're ripping yourself off!!!" Stones, silver (expensive) and my time.. usually lots of it goes into each piece. Pfffttt... I'll learn.
I can't wait to show off my new stones to you :) Oh, how I love me some stones.
Other than custom orders I have been enjoying the weather. Zoë has had a blast and so have I. Cooking out, playing, bonfires, hiking in the woods at the local campus, are a few things we have been doing.
I'm also looking into yoga classes. I have always wanted to this. The only thing that has been stopping me is time and being a single mom. Zoë going is not an option, lol. She would run wild and I would be ultimately embarrassed. I suppose its time to find a sitter for a little time to myself. Heck, we all deserve that right? I just need that time to breathe, time to de-stress a bit. Something spiritual to keep me on my toes. You know? I always feel so overwhelmed. So much going on. I need balance. I really feel this would do me some good. I also have a few bad habits I'm going to try to kick as well. Wish me luck, lord knows I need I need it. When I become a little more brave to announce my bad habits I will. they are not terrible. I just know once I announce them to the world that I will look like an idiot if I fail at kicking them :P Ha see, I need to de-stress and breathe....

Cross your fingers my mail lady brings my stones tomorrow. It will be a great sunny day to take some photos and share with you♥


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  1. Indeed, you've got to be firm with yourself: you don't want buyers coming to your shop for 'deals - you want them coming to your shop because your spirit is in your work.

    You are so lovely and you are finding your way: I am proud to see your path developing.