Thursday, April 22, 2010

Okay, I have everything around here, custom order wise completed. Tonight is laundry night and few other things and all will be caught up... finally :) For a shop update it is just a waiting game right now. Monday I will be placing a hefty silver order and I have current stone inventory, A few are selected for my next shop update but I have some parcels on their way from Australia and India. They should be here any day now. I'm not sure if the volcanic ash has delayed anything or not. I hope not. I have some awesome stones on their way and really hope to add them to the update. One of the things planned to be in the shop update is a sterling cuff. I have a sketch drawn up and am dying to start it. I also have a nice flashy Labradorite on my bench begging to placed in a silver home :) I normally list a few pieces at a time but this time I am hoping to clean out my shop before the update and list a larger quantity at once. More than likely I will be listing them in the P.M hours. It is almost impossible to list during the day due to my other job and Zoë. She is not that patient and I don't blame her.
Each piece that I create is inspired by something in my life. I have decided to also share the inspirations with you on all new listings. I love jewelry so much. I love to buy it and I love to make it. To fabricate it from ideas, thoughts, inspirations, life events. I know each piece that I make and buy mean something to me. I hope that once my pieces leave my hands they take on a new meaning to the new owner. Kind of a next chapter in the book :)
If I wasn't a crazy shopaholic I would be getting a silver order sooner, lol. Psssttttt.. that it is one of my addictions I mentioned last night. But hey, who could resist this?
Especially for a sweet little 3 year old. Zoë loves bunnies. She has a different one and named her, Roses Flowers. And she knows handmade is a pretty special thing. Also who could resist this?
Spellbound Woods handmade soap from Solstice Scents. Not me. I am a Lush fan but this shop stole my heart, bath and beauty product wise. Not to mention a few jewelry purchases that I have made. See, I told you I have a problem. An addiction. But man when the post lady drops off a package it is like Christmas as a child. Unwrapping your new treasure, who couldn't be addicted to that? So slow down Susie, I have a few more purchases planned for next month, bills, and Yoga classes so I better be a good girl. Good girl = No Fun :( But I feel lucky to do what I do♥

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