Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shop Update...

These are all new. the rings and earrings were listed a few days ago, the necklaces today...

These items are now under my LAST CHANCE SALE scetion. This section is for items that have been reduced. I will occasionaly place select itmes under this category before I move them out of my etsy shop and into a local brick and mortar shop that will be selling some of my jewelry. So, if you see something you like grab it before it's gone.

Well, I gotta run. My blogging and facebook fanpage have been a little slow lately. I have been so busy. Soon everything should be back to normal. Right now I have a custom order that I have to ship out some sold pieces from etsy to ship, laundry, my hair (eeek?!?!!?), and some other fun stuff to do ;P I will be blogging back to normal again soon yippeeee!!! And hopefully tomorrow I will be back in the studio. I have a lovely piece of Luna Agate that I can't wait to build a home for.
P.S. You should see the new stones that I have coming to my home soon :)


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