Monday, April 12, 2010

Yesterday our family grilled out for the first time this season. Little Zoë thought this to be something else, something special... cooking outside wow!!! Her words were, "Mommy I never seen you do this before." Her being 3, I think she just doesn't remember last year. We grilled out all spring and summer. I love being outdoors as much as possible always but especially this time of the year. She "helped" me the whole time.
Zoë is pretty much vegetarian. She never likes meat and always skips to veggies and fruits. But while we were grilling out she ate a whole hot dog and hamburger. I know only because this is special to her. This cooking outside ordeal. I could make hot dogs and hamburgers in the kitchen and she would be asking for broccoli. (Which is a very good thing)
Today, I cleaned out my car, which needed it badly. When you have a very curious toddler, sometimes your car can look a disaster. Well, you know what she said, "Mommy I never seen you do this before." This though was true, she has never seen me do this before. I think she taught me today to clean my car more often. At least before the back seat looks like a Happy Meal.
Kids are honest even if it is sometimes brutal. She always points out things I sometimes do not realize. I teach her and she teaches me.

I better get to sleep for the night before Zoë teaches me in the morning that getting what sleep I can is a good thing. She wakes up EARLY. And that means, I wake up EARLY. If not I'm covered in Littlest Pet Shop animals, being doctored with her doctor kit, and having a million barrettes in my hair. And I can't forget how she likes to go fishing in our fish aquarium or wear my Solstice Scents. I hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful night xoxo ~Heather

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  1. My favorite part of spring and summer - grilling outdoors. Glad your little one enjoyed it so much. Thanks for your comments about Jack & Jill...much appreciated.