Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cloud Lining & Indian Spice♥

I just added this piece to the shop. This necklace was a total experiment. As soon as I seen the stone I pictured a sunset and lining of clouds. I adore this stone. Agua Nueva always captures my heart. I have purchased so many pieces and everyone is so different. The colors, the banding, the orbs, the moss. It is for sure a special stone. I know that this piece is a different style from most of my other jewelry and I really like it :) I adore the chain. But, as much as I love making jewelry sometimes making a chain is not so fun. It is very repetitious but the end factor is worth it all. When I place my next order for raw material I will definitely order more wire and do more handcrafted chains. I really like the idea of the entire piece being handcrafted. Even though I have found some new chains that are AMAZING.
I just put the little one to bed and I have some take out Chicken Curry and Naan that my mom picked up from the Indian Restaurant for me... after that I have two custom orders that I need to work on. So good night all and I hope all of you momma's out there had a beautiful Mother's day!!!


  1. Gorgeous piece!!! Love the juxtaposition of the stone and the shape of the silver round setting!!! Spot on beautiful! I would love to own/wear this!!!

  2. Carolyn♥ Thank you so very much. When doing what you love there is no greater compliment/feeling in the world than another metalsmith (by which is extremely talented) complimenting your work. Etsy is such a surreal awesome little world. A world of so many varities of beautiful art, talented artists, and friendly awesome people! Thanks so much!