Friday, May 14, 2010

Let the Sun Shine Down On Me....

Today was such a wonderful day. It was so beautiful outside & my daughter and I were in awesome moods!!! 3 generations decided to celebrate and go out for Indian food :) That smile right there was, ehhhemmmm... a big ass smile, huge. I adore Indian food. Zoë always thought it was mediocre but today her mind changed, she devoured the food. I have a small pile of messy Zoë clothes to prove how good it must have been to her :) My grandmother; Zoë's nanny, my mom; Zoë's mamaw, me; Zoë's mommy, and Zoë all indulged equal proportions of Basmati, Curry, Naan, & Fennel.... yum...
After leaving the Indian restaurant we made a quick stop to Pier One Imports. I had to replenish my Patchouli Reed Diffuser and of course leave the shop with more things than I had planned to buy. Our next stop.... Starbucks(!!!!) Me a Carmel Frap and Zoë a strawberry banana smoothie. Before making it home we had plans to stop at the local garden shop, which actually is huge and super nice, you can find anything there. I bought a Patchouli plant and a glazed pottery pot to put her in. So, all in all it was a nice day :) I did a little photo shoot/walk through in our yard and wanted to share with you all of the colors and growing that have been going on around here :) I hope you like :)

~Strawberry Banana Smoothies With Whey and Soymilk Are Delicious!~

~Our Fuchsia Rose Bush~

~Carnations in Bloom~

~Salvia In Bloom~

~From Our Pink Rose Bush~


~Clematis Vines~

~Freshly Planted Black Eyed Susans~

~Lamb's Ear~

~Our Lavender Beds Are Blooming Good~

~Our Chives Have Bloomed That Are In Our Square Foot Raised Garden~

~My New Patchouli Plant~

I'm going on an Amazon search for books about essentail oils. I really want to get all the benefits I can out of this plant. I'm hoping if my weekend gives me a bit of free time to plant some Tiger Lillies and Poppies in a new bed that I need to start :) Well... I'm off to the studio.... xoxoxo


  1. Your garden looks beautiful! I love patchouli too :).

  2. Thanks!!! I looooooooveeee gardening! :)

  3. What a wondrous garden, lovely!!! :)