Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Have I Been Doing?

All of these things have been listed in the shop as well as some new choice stones for earring posts, other new earrings, and a few made to order items. They all have been updated from yesterday evening until a few minutes ago. I have not been able to update as much as I'd like lately. Sometimes things get a little crazy around here. I'm only one person doing a million things and sometimes I find myself having a hard time doing it "all". But happily, I'm back with things to list in the shop. This part of myself, the etsy part, is a happy part. Whenever I am doing etsy things, my stress levels go down, I'm happy......

Life is great though, I can't complain. We have been out and about outside. the weather is awesome, tomorrow 84!!! Zoë is calling herself, "Garden Girl", and is super proud of the fact. I can't believe how smart she is. She was weeding with my mom, carrying around her little basket, and she new the difference between foliage that has not yet budded and weed foliage?!?!?! It must be in her blood ;) She's my little tree hugger :)

~Hope everyone has a sun shining, amazing weekend♥


*This is Zoë Moon doing her tree hugging in our backyard yesterday...


  1. OMG Such a bummer... I LOVE the top ring...but I am a size 8...:(

  2. Oh no, well if I find a similar stone I will set her in a size 8 just in case you might like her as well. :)