Thursday, June 24, 2010


This past weekend me, Zoë, my mom, and my aunt took a trip a few miles south of us to Cincinnati. They were celebrating the last weekend for the Butterfly Show at Krohns Conservatory. At the show they have butterflies and plants from all around the world in an awesome greenhouse. It was packed full and there was a heat advisory for that day in the 100's. We had a ton of fun!!! But, it was HOT!!!! That was a good excuse to enjoy some snow cones in the park and look down at the river :) Krohns is in this awesome park in Mt.Adams, which is also where the Art Museum is!!! Zoë had a blast. This is one reason why I love the summer. We are hoping to go on a riverboat ride soon. Zoë would definitely have fun doing that. Our day started with Zoë hugging a huge tree. Mommy taught her well ;)

These are Sodalite stones that moss was growing around, they also had beautiful druzy agate as well♥

I had a blast but I was so miserable in this photo, I am thankful my sweat rings weren't showing, oppssss day I say that?!

Zoë called Buddha, Yoga ;) I thought that was pretty cute!

The butterflies were beautiful but half of them had ripped wings. Most of the kids and adults we seen were trying to catch the poor things :(

It was so hot that this was an amazing event for Zoë.... drum roll please..... the water fountain!!!!

Jewelry News~ Right now I'm awaiting a supply order so things are a bit slow. Today I purchased so ever so lovely stones that I CANNOT wait to share. Also this weekend..... another drum roll please ;) I cleaned out the studio and did a little redecorating!!!!! My studio is in my garage that I share with my grandmother. She never uses it but as storage for "things'. Things like wrench grease from 1986. One of her shelves about fell off of the wall and as I was fixing it I realized, wow, she has no idea what is out here and never uses it. I with her permission, cleaned it all out!!! It looks 500% better and feels more like a "work" space now. I love it. This fall I'm hoping to paint it and fix it up a bit. I just like working in pretty areas. the garage is nice but the white walls gotta go.
I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I'm a little behind it is Wednesday..... well, Thursday. Holy moly it is actually almost the next weekend. Man I have some catching up to do. xoxo


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous and that is such a great shot of Zoe at the water fountain - the big eyes and rosy little cheeks - beautiful.

  2. Aw, thanks Sandy!!!! It was beautiful there and Zoë loves to have her pictures taken :) When I take photos for my shop Zoë will usually try to hurry and get her hand somewhere close, lol. Lets just say it takes me quite a while to get the right photos for the shop :)