Thursday, June 3, 2010

I didn't get a chance to take photos of any stones yet for a stone session. I will try to get to it tomorrow, hopefully. I just finished a necklace that will house a glowing green druzy agate that is already sold, I shortened a chain for a lovely customer who purchased my pink agate necklace, and I replenished my stock of post earrings. Well, almost finished, they are in the tumbler... no stones set, no patina added quite yet, still have some work to do with the small bunch of jewelry. On my bench is a piece of Agua Nueva for a ring for the shop and a Druzy Malachite for a ring for the shop as well. I also am going to go ahead and add a few more post earrings with some more stones that I have. I got around to placing an order for raw material today, yea!!!! And......Zoë and I went shopping for a wee bit and I bought her some goodies, let her play in the indoor park for a few, then..... dum, dum, dum.......INDIAN FOOD (!!!!) Yep, spicy yum laying heavy on the belly at the moment. And why do I never lose these few extra pounds that I'm trying to shed??? It's curry's fault I tell ya ;)
Well I need to check my tumbler and get everything finished so I can update tomorrow and ship all out that needs to be shipped tomorrow. Have a beautiful night.... or day♥

This is my mile marker. I am so proud of her. Photos do not do her justice, in my eyes she is perfection. A druzy agate peppered with minerals and adorned with Iolite...

This is a custom order that I finished last night, A druzy agate peppered with minerals and vine work adorned with citrine & rainbow moonstones....

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  1. Beautiful rings! love the little moonstones and citrine!