Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm sitting here by our dining room window right now watching a thunderstorm on it's way to pass through. The skies are dark and the humidity is out of this world. It has been a hot one so far this season. Even this spring has been unseasonably hot. We went to the beach yesterday and had a great time. Zoë made some friends and mothered a tiny little girl who unfortunately her mother was not watching her :( It always breaks my heart to see things like that. But Zoë held her hand and made sure she didn't get too far out into the deep waters. The poor little girl probably was just a wee bit over a year old.
As for today...... in the shop..... I added a few things to my sale section and made some further reductions to older items in the sale section. I have some supplies on hand and should be out in the studio tonight to finish some things and start some new things. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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