Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mile Marker

The solder danced, circling the bezel in glory flowing like liquid mercury. The saw rest peacefully in my hand as if it were cutting through butter, taking each turn and corner exactly the direction meant to be taken. Findings sat in place not jumping around as heat met with flux, as if each piece knew it was meant to be there.... As if each piece knew it must stay there, to stand proud to a most beautiful, unique stone. Solder meeting pieces it should meet but hiding as if it were never there. Patina brushed into glowing magic.... Tonight I was there to witness it all... to place a mile marker in my sit on a stepping stone knowing where I am and how I got create during a thunderstorm, overwhelmed with find myself in what I be in love with what I am doing.....
If only this ring were a bit smaller in ring sizing I would keep her as a memory kept forever that I have found this place inside of me and to keep it going forever....
I can't wait to show her to you ;)

I have found my place in this magic....
I can't wait to create again♥

I finished up a custom ring tonight that turned out beautifully and I finished a ring for the shop that I am in love with... my mile marker. Part of me hates to part with her, the other part of me knows that she will find a good home.
I also started on a necklace that will hug a glowing green druzy agate...btw, I spoke with someone through convo today and I think she's taken already, we'll see. The past week or so has been going great with the shop. I have some outrageous stones that I can't wait to place in shiny little homes and I have an abundant amount of silver to order tomorrow. If all goes as planned I will take photos of the new ring and custom ring tomorrow along with another "Stone Session". I have a few custom orders at the moment and can only accept a few more with the new "Stone Session" photo. I will be offering a small selection of stones for variety to customers, but at the moment cannot take on the whole batch...... Does that make sense? Lol, It's 2 AM and it's been a long and eventful brain is proving this to be very true.. I better try to get some sleep♥
If I don't get to the "Stone Session" photo tomorrow, I will as soon as I get the time. I have a bust schedule tomorrow.

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