Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Move It On Over...

New listings have been coming in really slow in the shop. I have been working my way to the bottom of custom orders, etsy & local. Almost done... After that supplies, yep, I need to order supplies. In the middle of this we have been enjoying our Spring. It is so hard to say Spring when it is like 90 degrees everyday! And our days are blue and our nights are lightning and tornado like. Really.... Last night we spent a while in our basement. The clouds were so low I felt like I could grab them. I was leaving a friends house who lives down the road in the middle of this. The car was moving with the wind as I watched the sky blacken and become angry. Quite mesmerizing and quite scary. Mother nature definitely knows how to put you in your place and show you who's boss. A few moments later Tornadoes touched down a few towns east of here from the same storm. While waiting check out my LAST CHANCE SALE section. I moved some new goodies over to that section up for grabs :)
Hopefully July listing will be back to normal.

Well....still trying to shake this headache so I'm going to call it an early night, xoxo

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