Friday, June 18, 2010

Up and Ready♥

After many trial and errors I have finally found the ultimate way in finishing my jewelry. A always knew what I had wanted and finally figured it out, yay!!!! So.... everything that I had in stock I refinished, repolished, and took new photos. I did change up the shop a wee bit too, probably not too noticeable. As always I keep adding to my shipping supplies with fun new packaging. I love the new stuff that I have been using. I love opening packages that are fun :)
But for new things I added two new pieces to the shop tonight that I finished last night, a pair of reborn earrings, a completed custom order for Julie, and well that's it for now. After finishing up photos with the jewelry I took a stroll in my yard and took some photos of our summer flowers that are in bloom. I have like a zillion but I'll spare you and just share two :) xoxo

This one is a fiery one :)
~Fiery Sunflower~

This one is a huge one :)
~Native Skies~

My baltic amber earrings needed a little rebirth, here they are reborn...
~Lavender Honey Drops~

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  1. Gorgeous flowers, beautiful jewelry, and your shop and blog are looking lovely too!