Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!!!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!!! I got some new beautiful stones in today, yay!!!! I will be placing a raw materials order this week so I can create new little silver homes for these beautiful stones♥
I am always posting photos of Zoë, our journeys, and our yard...Never of myself, I always hate photos of myself. I decided to get over it and post a photo of myself. Self taken of course ;) I do smile, really like 99% of the time, by this photo you wouldn't know though, o'well. Have a great weekend!!!

I just cut a good 6 inches + from my hair. My friends daughter is collecting fresh cut hair and pantyhose for a company who use the hair and pantyhose to make large sheets to try to help collect oil from the gulf. Supposedly the oil collects to the hair and the pantythose trap it inside. I hope it works. This whole oil spill has broken my heart. My friends kids are angels. They are always finding ways to good for others. They also saved money for women in Africa at one time. The money was loans for businesses. Eventually the women are able to open up there own business, do better, then pay back the money. The the money goes to the next woman in need. How awesome is that!!!! I could go on and on about her kids. They definitely have hearts of gold like their momma♥

Hee, hee I had to add a pic of our Coneflowers in bloom, I love these type of flowers, one of my favs♥


  1. You are beautiful...and so is Zoe and your garden and all your work

  2. Thanks Delia!!! You're awesome♥