Monday, August 9, 2010

Butterflies, Petals, & Fireflies♥

The other day I was sitting out on our back porch swing watching my daughter play. She went searching around the yard bringing me back many nature gifts: bugs, flowers, sticks, and rocks. As she was returning to search for more gifts, a butterfly caught her eye. She smiled wide and chased the butterfly and danced around the yard. Those are the moments. Those moments make you realize, "Life is Good." To sit back watching your child play, tasting the nectar of life...Life is surely is sweet...

Post earrings, I love them. They are simple but sweet. And being the stone lover that I am, I can switch them up all of the time. A stone to go with my mood or colors to match me for the day!
Below is my Chrysoprase earrings, revamped. I replaced the serrated bezel for sweet dainty filigree bezels. These are definitely my most popular post earrings! I wanted to change them up a bit, freshen them up :)

These are new post earrings that will be added to the shop, soft & feminine, Rose Quartz.

In early summer me and my family went to an annual butterfly show that is held a short distance from our home. My daughter was in awe, as was I. We both love all things with wings, butterflies being one of our favorites. Their was this little girl in front of us with this syrupy substance on her fingers letting the butterflies light on her finger to taste the sweetness. I took a photo and when I came home I imagined a ring with that design. Flutter...


All of these will be in the shop in a moment. In my tumbler I have the sterling content of a custom order swimming around awaiting finishing. She should be completed later tonight.



  1. Absolutely stunning - they are all beautiful but I LOVE the necklace...great designs.

  2. Thanks! I'm so excited about the necklace. It was created with 3 things that I love so much in mind. My daughter, butterflies, and agates :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful butterfly jewellery! I love all the little nature gifts my children bring me too :).