Monday, August 2, 2010

Change is in the Air!

Okay. time for some changes. I've done a little revamping on the blog and in the shop :) I get bored easy and love changes. Let me know what you think about my new banner? I made it! Lol, this wasn't an easy thing, haha. I REALLY need to get a better program for things like that and quite honestly I am pretty new to it. But I like it :) Do you? I'm still in the process of a few other changes too :)
Okay....Some more things to mention about the shop and changes. I have to put my foot myself that is :) At the end of this week ALL clearance items that have not yet been purchased will be removed from the shop. You will NO longer see prices like that in my shop. Throughout my journey into metalsmithing I have been learning and working, progress, progress, progress... At this point I feel very confident in my work. I will always be changing and coming up with new ideas, but construction wise and material wise, I'm happy. In the past I have moved things quickly into clearance and lowered the prices so low that I rip myself off. I cannot do this anymore. Raw materials, stones, and the labor are not being covered. Quite a few of my stones cost me more than the prices offered in my clearance section alone. This is my own fault. So this is pretty much a mental note to myself as well as a note to you about upcoming changes. Charging the right price allows me to offer you excellent material, quality stones, and time consuming works of art to adorn yourself with ;) For me running a business I must do it right. By the way, I think you'll enjoy some new jewelry ideas I have. I can't wait for them to materialize.
Okay next note... I have quite a few customers who enjoy my simple little earring posts. I have had the same stones offered for earrings in the shop for quite some time. This month I will be taking most of the old stone offerings down and offer a complete new line. The new line will be a bit more fancy, yet still simple. And, yes, new stones to offer, woo-hoo!!!
I hope everyone enjoys my new upcoming ideas as the form and I hope everyone understands the pricing issue as well. I'm off to do some more supply ordering! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
P.S. I cleaned my studio last night. A good cleaning it needed. And it feels better!



  1. I am glad that you have decided not to be so quick to put your lovely things on clearance. I have done that too in the past and it's not a good thing. Well except for the person who's making a deal LOL

  2. Lol, Thanks Tess! It is definitely not a good thing. :)