Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Cool Breeze Blows In...

Fall is in the air here. Nights have been getting a little cooler.... Not that they were cool in the first place but it is now a bit more comfortable. I do love the summer, but this summer has definitely been a hot one here. I was sitting outside today and noticed a few leaves on the trees beginning to change. oh, how fast the seasons seem to go by anymore. And...I guess I can say that I definitely have Autumn Fever!!! I've been purchasing autumn inspired bath and beauty products, stocking up on autumn scented candles, and purchasing some beautiful new stones for the fall :) September....oh sweet will be here in a few days, that means.... The Ohio Renn Faire will be starting here within a week or so, I get to head off to Indiana for the vigil and see some faces that I have missed dearly for an entire year, I get to celebrate my last year of being in my twenties (I turn 29 at the end of September), and everything fall madness starts :) Some of my favorite shops bring out their Fall lines, my fall wardrobe and old distressed boots get to be pulled from the closet and worn, comfort food...... I love the fall SO much♥ It definitely is a season of celebration for me. I feel so comfortable, happy, and alive in the fall......eeeeekkkkkkk.....I told you I have Autumn Fever :)
I haven't been messing around too much in the studio the past few days. I recycled my silver and am waiting for new raw material to arrive. I did get to do some cleaning and organizing out there though, that always feels good :)

This is one wall of my studio. It definitely isn't fancy like some of the other studio photos I have seen being blogged, but I like it :) It is in my garage which I don't exactly own so their is only so much that I can do to it :) The other wall has another bench, storage cabinets for material and stones, my ipod dock, books, and so on. I just snapped a quick photo of the one wall after I finished up cleaning :) You may notice that I blog about cleaning it quite frequently. two reasons....I'm an organizing fool AND when I work I manage to unorganize everything and leave a huge mess behind :) So I spend a lot of time cleaning. I am definitely not a clean worker. I think I just get real tuned into what I'm doing and the music and the crazy mess begins!

Today I made some awesome soup! I've been told that I'm a good cook and I love to cook, but don't do it as often as I'd like or probably should. This summer me and Zoë have eaten out way too much. I'm trying to focus on cutting that down a bit. Zoë and I were at my grandma's house today and my grandma was wanting some potato soup but couldn't remember her recipe. I offered to help out and make some with a recipe that I always use when making potato soup. Now I know potato soup isn't that fancy but this recipe is omg.....drool worthy ;) I thought I'd share with you....Oh and it definitely isn't your healthiest choice either.

Potato Soup

6-8- Organic Potatoes Depending on Size
1- Organic Onion Diced
4- 14 Ounce Cans of Organic Free Range Chicken Broth
2- Cups Water
2- Sticks Organic Butter
3/4- Cup Organic Flour
1 1/2- Cups Organic Heavy Cream
Celery Salt to Taste
1 Dash Fresh Basil
Black Pepper to Taste
1 Dash Sugar

Boil potatoes, peel, & set aside. In a large pot melt butter over low heat making sure not to burn. Add diced onion & cook until softened. Add flour & stir while it cooks for about 3 minutes. Slowly add chicken broth, water, celery salt, black pepper, basil, and sugar. Bring all ingredients to a boil stirring often with a wire whisk. Gradually add heavy cream until you have reached a desired consistency. Chop potatoes into bite sized cubes and add to soup. Simmer for 5 minutes to bring potatoes to temperature.
*Optional- Garnish with fresh shredded Cheddar and Monterey cheese, freshly cooked and diced bacon, and fresh scallions. (I prepare the garnish first. It allows the bacon to cool. I then mix the ingredients into a bowl, sit it at the table, and allow family and guests to use the garnish if they like.)
I love this recipe! The broth and spices are what make the soup :) And love of course.....
Also, you don't need to use organic or free range, this is just an exact copy of my recipe and that is what I like to use :)

Have a great night

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