Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Left, Zoë. She is on the back of her step sister Raven, and next to her is Serenity, her sister from another momma (same father). I'll miss my little Zoë today!

Good Afternoon! I know, what is going on?!?!?! An afternoon blog? Well, Zoë's father is in town and he just picked her up for the day. During the day I could never blog, lol. Zoë wouldn't have it :) Oh, I can't blame it on her. Life as a single mother and all of the other things I have going on proves to be too busy for an afternoon blog. But I will have to admit that I do sneak online throughout the day to read blogs. I'm addicted! I love reading blogs of my favorites and following pieces of their lives. It is so amazing how unique and different each life is! Fun, yay!!!!
Well, hmmmm.... I haven't been without Zoë for an entire day for quite some time. I honestly am not too sure what to do with myself. I am so in the groove of constant energy and busy, busy, busy, that this silence right now has me thrown for a loop. I wish, wish, wish my silver was here!!! This would be a perfect time to create some jewelry! O'well, be patient Heather, you just ordered the stuff!!!
I think I might grab my sketch book and sit out on the porch for a few :) Here in Ohio it is a HOT one today!!!! I'll have to grab a glass of ice cold lemonade♥ Perfect for the summer soul....

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