Thursday, August 5, 2010

Midest Seasons a Blowin' in the Wind~

The glory of the Midwest~
Their may not be fairies hiding behind the bushes and their may not be pots of gold at the end of all rainbows, but the world we live in is truly magical. I think sometimes with the pace of life; the rush of society, our jobs and careers, and life in general, we sometimes forget to notice the magic around us. I try very hard to never forget this. I can't even fathom in my mind to take my surrounding environment for granted.

The spring: When spring arrives I feel such a sense of rebirth and new life. Watching my surroundings bloom and flourish. Sprouts rising from the soil of the earth and trees showing off their new foliage. The sunlight on my skin defrosting my soul from the chill of the winter air.
In the spring, along with the new life around me I feel a sense of new life in myself. Dreams to take to flight, goals to accomplish and live. A season of new beginnings♥

Summer: As the previous season moves behind us and the new season approaches, my heart is warmed by the summer sun. The winter blues have faded away and the springtime dreams begin to unfold before me. Sitting on my porch at night listening to the crickets sweet harmony while sitting with a good book and relaxing in the nocturnal warmth. Between nights of reading I may bring my acoustic guitar out for a night time song. My studio (that is in my garage) is now warm and I can create without stiff, cold bones. My daughter can laugh and play outside amazed by what nature has to offer, bringing me cicada friends and belting out belly laughs chasing fireflies. We can sit in the sand next to the water in complete comfort of a beautiful element. Grilling outside, eating, and conversing with loved ones. Summertime brings such a sense of comfort, warmth, friends, family, and love♥

Winter: Winter is not my favorite season, but I do have to admit that winter does have a very magical feel to it. My only reasoning for not accepting this season as a favorite is due to not being a fan of the cold weather. AND... Although I may not be a fan of cold weather, I adore snow. I adore the heavy falling of perfect snowflakes blanketing the once warm ground. Our surrounding scenery dressed in glistening white is breath taking. The seasons hearty meals making our bellies full and the warmth of the holidays making our hearts full. Coming inside from the bitter winds of the upper Midwest, becoming cozy from the warmth of our homes. Holidays filled with laughing and love. These things of winter I do love.

♥♥♥The Fall: Yes, this season deserves a "The" before it,an article that specifies the definiteness of it's fondness :) "The" Fall, my favorite season! A season that feels like home. A season of comfort. I can throw on a hoodie, flannel, my old ripped up jeans, and some vintage riding boots and be in complete comfort, comfort of skin and soul. This too is a season filled with life. Although the new sprouts that have previously bloomed are dying off and hibernation becomes a near reality, my soul dances in the fullness it feels. Fall festivals manifesting, farm markets bearing harvested seasonal produce, PUMPKIN PIE(!!!!), Carmel apples, fresh milled cider, homemade licorice twists...ah... favorites. During this season mother nature portrays her artistic skills to some of fullest she has to offer. She displays her painting of the trees in rich autumn colors, creating sunsets full of magic, and hanging a a big orange moon above our heads. Walking on paths where fallen leaves dance with the wind, the cool breeze kisses our cheeks... Scents of a nearby neighbor burning leaves or possibly smoke left behind from a simmering bonfire, rotting leaves scented of earth and oakmoss where they have piled up and have failed being raked. Pumpkins purchased from markets waiting to be carved and lit on our porches. A season where my soul can wear comfortably my favorite hand blended perfume oils , scents of spicy yet sweet foody smells or maybe old lingering incense lost and forgotten. My fall soundtrack of music blaring from the window. If you know me well, you tire by the end of the season of "October Rust". Peter Steele's dark humor and halloweenish tunes cranked at all times ;) HALLOWEEN, oh what would I do without Halloween?! Creepy and errie, magical, yet at the same time comforting. Religion of the earth filling my heart♥

Wow, if you read this, I heart you! Turned out a bit longer than expected ;)

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