Friday, August 6, 2010

Shop Update

Here is my wee shop update as well as current news from WillowMetals. The earrings below have already been listed in the shop. These earrings are a set of dangle earrings created with jet abalone shells and hematite stars. The jet abalone represents the new moon, hence the name. I have a matching set of these earrings with white abalone shell that will be my "Full Moon" earrings. As I am pretty much out of all material and awaiting the arrival of my raw materials order, I am plum out of sterling wire. As soon as my silver gets here I will be finishing the "Full Moon" earrings and listing them in the shop.
~New Moon, Jet Abalone Shell & Hematite Sterling Earrings~

I have decided to give you a sneak peak at a small group of stones that I will be working with next. I'm sorry to announce that these stones are not available for custom orders. I already have designs drawn up for this group and I am excited for you to see what I have come up with. I think you will be excited too!
On the left hand side is a beautiful piece of Moroccan Agate polished to a high shine. Unfortunately, due to the high shine polish, my photo of the stone isn't that great this evening. Next to the agate is a vibrant blue Turquoise stone with veins of matrix running throughout the stone. The next two stones are: Rainbow Moonstone with some very noticeable blue fire in it and a glowing pink piece of Rose Quartz. I do have one more stone planned for my next group that I forgot to get a photo of. It is a smaller stone, 9mm faceted cut clear Quartz.

The next photo is a group of stones that are already swiped up for custom orders for some very patient ladies :)
The two pink stones are lovely Cobalto Calcite and the other stone is an extreme fiery Rainbow Moonstone.

Next up are some new gemstone post earrings that I will be listing in the shop in a moment. I had mentioned before that I wanted to add some new stone offerings for my loyal customers who seem to love my post earrings. I did receive a shipment of a few stones so I was able to make these today :) Within the next few weeks I will be offering more stones for the post earrings. So far we have....

~Rainbow Moonstone, which is not a new offering. I have had them listed in the shop before but only had two pair available for purchase. I now have an abundant amount~


~Gray Moonstone~

Another new but simple offering I have available are petite sterling hoops with dangling drops of fiery Rainbow Moonstone.

These too will be listed in the shop tonight.
I'm crossing my fingers for my materials to arrive tomorrow. I am more excited about my upcoming designs than I have been in a long time. With the small shop changes and new ideas, I feel refreshed and creative energy bursting from my soul. I SO hope to get started this weekend. I may wait to get together the entire group before I do list them in the shop. Not to mention working in between shop items completing custom orders. Can't wait ;)

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