Monday, August 2, 2010

Things Accomplished and More to Come!!!

Oh man....I have been sooooo busy today. Planning, ordering, revamping, and now I'm finally done for the night! Lol, it's 2:25am here, I should have been done a long time ago:) Everything feels good though, progress :) Check off: raw materials ordered, a few selected stones ordered, findings ordered, packaging ordered, and so on.... All of my newest plans are starting to materialize, yay!!!! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention in my last post that I added a new ring to the shop! Every year me, my mom, and Zoë go to the Renaissance Festival. I love going! We haven't missed a year since I was a little girl. One of my favorite things to do there is jewelry shop! Me? I know, can you believe it?! I love the Victorian, medieval, Turkish, and renaissance styles of the jewelry the vendors sell there. The new ring that I added to the shop is inspired by that :) I have a few more rings that I will be finishing soon like this one with different stones and the design changed a bit. Gypsy Rings ;) Another thing I always look forward to at the Renn Faire every year is stocking up on hand blended essential oils. I adore them. Yep, I have quite the collection. Something about those oils bring back so many memories. I suppose that's due to the amount of years we have been going. The scents are quite unique as well. Me and little Miss Moon are always getting compliments on them. The Ohio Renn Faire starts next month, yay!!!! Here is a photo of the oil shop that I adore. They have incense that is just as awesome too!

Zoë loves the belly dancers. She even ran up next to the lovely ladies and participated! I was quite embarrassed, but the ladies wanted to take her with them on their ventures...
The new ring!
~VIOLETS and IVY RENAISSANCE RING- Amethyst and Prehnite~

As you can probably tell, since I'm a single mother to an early riser and I'm still up...blogging (!!!!!) I have been having trouble sleeping. Life is a bit hectic right now. I have so many things planned, Zoë's "father" is in town from South Korea, and Zoë starts preschool this month. I lay in bed and think constantly. My body is tired but my mind will not let loose and relax. It's driving me insane really. But, I'm a happy insane person :) I'll be even happier when someone is back in South Korea (Insert big grin here) That's a whole other blog, for a very later time. Too make a long story short, ah never mind...maybe sleep is a good idea after all ;) Good Night!!! Hopefully.....


  1. Beautiful ring - I love the color combo.

  2. i love the renaissance festival!! let me know the dates..tammy has never been and i want to take her this year!!

  3. Thanks Sandi! Eeeeekkk, I hope I spelled your name right :) I love Amethyst and Prehnite together :) Carrie, I will let you know, I think it is the first weekend in September. I will look into it for you. They have a website with all of the open weekends up and the themes for the weekends. We should meet each other up there! I think Tammy would love it :)