Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things to mention...

Okay 2 new things to mention today :) The first being.....a mini shop update!!! I have one ring and two pairs of earrings to share with you. These will be in the shop sometime today :)

~Crescent Moon Copper & Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings~
Hand Cut, Shaped, & Textured

~Rhodochrosite Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring~

~Cherry Creek Jasper & Tigers Eye Sterling Silver Dangle Post Earrings~

Okay...The second thing....I admit, I'm a shopaholic....yep, it's true. So to maybe spread the love and details....I have decided to review items that really stand out to me and share them with you on my blog :) Some of the reviews maybe on items purchased locally, maybe food ;) , etsy purchases, and so on :) I love reading reviews myself and sometimes a review is what has convinced me to make a purchase on an item I was debating on purchasing.

But lots to do right now so I better go :) I will be back soon with my first review :)

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