Sunday, September 5, 2010


I found out this morning that it is a good idea to moderate and approve comments. Unfortunately their is always "someone" out there who feels the need to leave ridiculous comments. I apologize to any readers who may have stumbled across anything offensive or rude. All bad comments have been deleted. To all of you lovely comment leavers out there, I love comments so please keep leaving them :) Lol....some people.... all you can do is laugh :)

Hope everyone is having a beautiful Labor Day Weekend off work, with loved ones, and having fun!



  1. yeah I learned that the hard way....there is always some jack ass who thinks they have a right to post their negativity on your space.... you have a great attitude about it! Better to laugh than cry I always say!

  2. Thanks :) You're right, there is always a jack ass, lol! And I agree 100%, it is DEFINITELY better to laugh than cry :)