Monday, September 6, 2010


It is a BEAUTIFUL day today! I'm looking out through our dining room window at our outdoor thermometer, it reads 70 degrees and it's after noon! It has been so dry and a very, very hot summer that a lot of the leaves on trees around here have already changed quite a bit. In fact our neighbors have already raked once and that was in August!!! We do need rain, walking to the mailbox results in crunching dry grass beneath my feet and mounds of hard dry dirt (ouch). But on this day I will take what we are given, it is perfect out......Their is such a nice breeze and blowing in the breeze is the scent of earth, ah fall around the corner. It makes me want to make a pumpkin pie :) I'm going to enjoy it tomorrow is back to 93 degrees again!!!! How is everyone else's Monday?


  1. Beautiful here also - we had a perfect 3-day camping weekend.

  2. Oh wow, camping, that would be wonderful!!! Hope that you had a great time :)