Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hey lovelies! I just wanted to post a quick note that I will be out of town this weekend, but will leave the shop open. I will be leaving on Saturday and returning Sunday evening. Shipping wouldn't be able to take place during this time anyway :) I will return all convos as soon as I get back and shipping will start as usual on Monday :)
Another note that will resume when I get back is some changes that I will be making to some of my shop policies. These policies include: shipping, reserves, custom orders, and payment plans. I have been kind of learning as I go and feel I have came up with a plan on these issues that should work for everyone. I have also had some personal issues with a few of these and feel the changes really need to be made. I will get everything together and discuss that sometime next week before the changes go into effect.

Also... I have like a million ideas running through my head for new designs. Things that wake you in the night like I have to do this now...only I'm short on supplies. So *now* has to wait :( Last night I pulled my sketch book out during the late hours sketching away and dreaming in silver and stones. Sometimes I lay down and all I can think about is stones, silver, my saw, chain, ahhhhhh....I love it, but sometimes a long night with no sleep from constant designing while laying in bed is rough the next day when your 3 year old wakes you up when the sun rises. Poor little Zoë, she is either going to love jewelry or hate it when she gets older! I'm sure she tires of me when I get over stimulated and get on a jewelry rant :)

I also have so many pictures, not the greatest of quality, taken from my Blackberry, that I want to share with you! We have been busy running around, eating, baking, playing outside and enjoying life and I have been trying to capture them for you and me. I'm so forgetful when it comes to having my camera at the right moment. I'm strapping my Nikon on me wherever I go now. With Zoë and the adventures that life bring, I want to keep all of these precious moments to share with her throughout the years. The Blackberry photo quality just isn't cutting it ;)

Well, I'm going to try to lay down and keep the jewelry designing for another day ;) Which means I will probably lay there planning my road trip?!?!?! Does everyone else do that? I think my best ideas for anything: jewelry, painting, writing, planning, etc. come at me when I should be sleeping! You would think with the few hours of sleep that I manage to get that I'd be well and ready to relax and just.....sleep...... My brain feels otherwise ;)

Good Night Sweet Blog Readers.....

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