Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A sweet goodbye to August...
A purple sunset strewn across an August sky,
opal tinted clouds dipped in raindrops-
these breathe summer into our souls♥

I hope everyone had a beautiful first day of September!!! I can't believe it, September, really?
For some GREAT offers go markdowns.....

Willow Metals

I realize that most items in my shop are currently reserved or stud earrings that I have full inventory of. There were some back orders on my raw material order and everything is in stock now and should ship soon. I have lots of work to do once it arrives to stock the shop back up with new jewelry!!! Yay!!!!! I want to get as much done as possible once it arrives.

Okay.... so I have some awesome new bath salts that I'm dying to try :) They have crushed amber in them......
Blog again soon♥

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