Monday, September 27, 2010

♥Weekend Fun♥

I had a great weekend!!! I went to Lafayette, Indiana for the annual Shannon Hoon Vigil that I go to every year now. I got to see faces that I sometimes only get to see this time of year and a few that I am lucky enough to see a bit more often, all of them were missed dearly. I also got to sit a talk with momma Hoon a bit more. She makes jewelry as well. She works from beading to metalsmithing. We decided to meet up monthly and work together some. She took classes in Chicago for jewelry design and has a whole studio filled with nice equipment (and stones, stones, and more stones....drool). It is only a 3 hour drive and it will be so nice to work together and see each other a bit more. We are also going to try and go to the Chicago Gem Show together. Eeeekkkkkk....I'm so excited! We also got to talk about our outlooks on what we see, prices, and what we think about it all. It was very interesting. The weather was beautiful! I took a different route and went around Indianapolis rather than through it and got to see the country areas. It is beautiful this time of year. Fields of gold and trees displaying the beauty that mother nature brings them this time of year. Zoë also attended this year and had more fun than anyone. She is a social butterfly! From caterpillars to adults, she made many new friends. Friends that we have planned to visit throughout the year rather than an all too short weekend. When we arrived home we were going to relax but decided to take a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo! Again, we had a great time. I will share a few photos of both trips for you :) Now we are home, it's Monday and back to normality... I just changed over the sale that lasted a bit longer than I anticipated but that's okay :) and I just responded to all of the convos. Now I have a few orders to place, finish my day, and then get out to the studio and complete a few local orders and clean the studio up! I mentioned in my last post that I will be making some policy changes. I will save that subject for a new blog but be expecting it this week. I also want to talk about a few other shop matters from design to prices. I will probably add that in the same post. I hope everyone had a super weekend, we sure did!
~Vigil 2010~
♥Some Friends Under the Tent Playing Music♥

♥Momma Hoon and Heidi's boys♥

♥Me and my friend Heidi Ann♥

♥Miss Zoë Moon♥

~Cincinnati Zoo Trip~





♥A Cute Little Monkey Who Was So Happy To Find His Friend♥



♥Zoë Excited & Loving Her New Animals♥

♥Beautiful Peacock♥

Ahhhhh...I have so many more photos, lol!!! I want to share them all ;) That's it for now though...


  1. I want your nose!!! :)
    This is a lovely capturing of what looks like a phenomenal weekend!!


  2. Thanks :) We had a great weekend! And I'd trade noses if we could, lol!!