Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zoë went to her grandma's house today and while she has been gone I have been very busy in the studio. Hmmmmm...what did I complete you ask???? 1 (!!!) bracelet!!!! It has been one of those days where you consume a lot of time and energy on ONE piece!!! I'm very happy with it so far though :) It is also a copper/sterling mix bracelet. I am having a lot of fun working with copper as it is very new to me. Also while I have been working on the bracelet I have been having ideas pouring out of me for more pieces. I have to keep stopping to write them down!!! I also wanted to mention....well as long as things go as planned...that I will be having another shop update on Friday. I have decided to change how I do shop updates a bit and see how it goes. From here on out if all goes well, I will be setting schedules for updates and posting them on my blog with a photo of the batch that will be listed in that update. That way you get a sneak peek before my listings go up and will know what time the batch will be posted. I know quite a few other artists do that and as a buyer I really appreciate that. Sometimes I'm not so good with timing though. Being a single mom, working, and running a small business can sometimes throw your schedule off a bit ;) Anyway the wee one who isn't so wee anymore, should be home any minute so I better sign off for now and be ready to give her bunches of love when she walks in the door!

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  1. In Ohio too...near Cincinnati...stopped in to say hello!