Saturday, October 30, 2010

Before and as we go along...

In my last post I mentioned that I am redecorating a room here at our house for Zoë. This also is a big surprise for her. Her birthday is next month and this is her present from me. Me and the little moon have shared a room for quite sometime. I don't mind at all. My room is huge and quite honestly I like it when my little cuddle buddy hops in momma bears bed and joins me for a nap :) But she will be for and I think her own room would be something she would very much enjoy now.
My step dad moved yesterday morning and my mom asked if I wouldn't mind to start on it so she wouldn't have to look at the mess he left ;) And mess was right. What I thought would be painting ended up being cleaned base boards and walls off for a long time and fighting the dust bunnies. I am hoping to get this carpet cleaned good too. It is awful. My poor stepdad pretty much moved into that room and lived in there, lol. And you can tell. Anyways..... Before photos.....The mess :)

And a little bit of progress, this is after the first coat of paint. One more coat tonight. Zoë loves pink and purple :) I still have a lot to go! And am having a blast!

Not only am I working on her room but afterwards I have downstairs to fix up a bit, it is a studio apartment type area/finished basement in our home, then the main bathroom. I tell ya, it will feel so good when all of this is completed. I hate unfinished tasks and a mess in the house. I was up until 5 am last night/this morning working in the house :)

Zoë has some trick or treating to do tonight and I have a lot to do myself but had to post a blog before I began! (((Hugs))))

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  1. What a great surprise for your little the color.