Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It seems when I am either contemplating certain situations in life or a little down that I have this creative energy in me that runs wild. I definitely can say that I am a thinker. I've said a million times or possibly even more that I think too much. When things bother me I tend to drive myself a little crazy worrying and thinking about the situation. I also am a dreamer...this I do plenty of, but could never use the context of "too much" as a bad thing.
Today was one of those days where I wasn't really sad, but rather quiet. Caught in moments of thoughts, moments of dreams...of a need to get out how I feel onto silver.
Over the past few weeks Zoë keeps finding feathers. As a little girl and up to this day my mom has always told me that when you find a feather it is good luck. Zoë found another one today. It was beautiful, quite perfect. I looked up at the sky and imagined flying free. No worries, just soaring across the sky. Soaring freely understanding that sometimes our problems that we occasionally tend to make into a bigger deal than they really are, isn't so bad really. Our problems seem so small when you compare them to the world. It's beauty, it's complications, it's size. I imagine being a bird soaring across the sky seeing this and feeling this. Do I sound silly? Probably ;)
I found my chance to go out to the studio and capture my feelings onto silver. It was pretty much an all day process but I am in love with the ring. Her name is "Flight".
The band is a thick 1/2 of an inch wide sterling silver band. I have hand sawed many small pieces, filed them smooth, and soldered them into place. These pieces form a skyscape on the band of a bright & shining sun, a soft cloud, a bird caught in flight, and 10kt gold sun rays.
The photo of the band is in it's *very* ugly phase, after being under fire....

For the setting I hand cut a small feather out of sterling sheet and textured her with some of my tools. I filed her smooth and created a shaft out of sterling wire. The feather represents taking flight in life. Flying free when needed. Soaring... After finishing the feather for the moment, I created a bezel for a very beautiful Boulder Opal that has so much blue fire in it, it may just take your breath away. The Opal sits atop a layered setting for dimension. The Opal represents the beautiful, wide open, bright blue sky. Near the bottom of the feather is a tiny little bezel *that about killed my hands to make* that hugs a small piece of Iolite. This stone is a stormy bluish purple. This stone represents that storms/turmoil happen in life but you have the choice to take them beneath your wings and cast them away when needed. Here is another *very* ugly phase of the setting after being under fire...

I actually just completed her so my finished photos aren't too great. I prefer outdoor photos in natural sunlight. But I am so excited about this ring that I can't bear to wait and share it with you! Here they are! If it is nice out tomorrow I will get some more and update you with some better ones :)

I'm pretty sure she fits a size 6. I'm trying to decide if she is destined to be in the shop or on my finger :)


  1. It is so beautiful! I'd keep it :)

  2. Thanks Michelle and Sandi! Michelle I wanted to keep it but it's a tad big :(