Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shop Update for Sunday.. has been a bit..ah, I take that back, majorly crazy here. So much is going on..big changes, small changes, family changes, financial changes, ugh.....breathe....

Today was pretty nice though. It was beautiful out and while Zoë played with her friend out by my studio, I was able to get some new shop items accomplished. Finally....It felt *soooo* good. I created 4 necklaces and have 1 completely finished while the other 3 are on my bench waiting for their final polish and last bit of loving touches :) 1 of the necklaces my mom threw in an idea for me while looking through my materials. She loves how it turned out. It's a big one and she is a small and dainty fan, otherwise I'd give it to her :) The stone is a lovely beautiful Montana Agate :) I was hoping to get back out in the studio tonight and get some of other things completed/accomplished but that didn't happen. I went to give Zoë a bath and she was aiming for the faucet handle...well, she got a hold of it and pulled it out of it's socket?!?!?! She actually got it so good that one of the inner? parts broke off!!! I'm no plumber, so I called my step dad since water was spraying everywhere non stop and my dirty little wee one had to get her bath at nanny's next door while me and my step dad took off to Lowe's to get a part..that was NOT cheap. So after all of that "fun" stuff I wasn't feeling too creative and was just worn out for the day. Tomorrow I am off work so I hope to get some more done. We'll see :) But since I do have the necklaces I am scheduling a shop update for tomorrow evening at 8pm est. I would love to wait until I have a variety but it honestly takes me forever to list each piece. It just works better for me to list what I got right now then the next batch when it is completed and grouped. bed is so calling me right now. I am one worn out momma right now. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!! Super Hugs Y'all!

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